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3D Printing Influence Study (September 2014)

3DPrinting_450The 3D printing market is maturing rapidly, as attention and influence shifts from the companies that manufacture these amazing devices to a broad range of industries where the technology is finding distribution and practical applications. That’s one key finding from the new Appinions Industry Influence Study, displayed below. The report lists the ‘Ten Most Influential Companies’ including Autodesk (ADSK), Amazon (AMZN), Home Depot (HD), GE (GE), and Makerbot (recently acquired by Stratasys), as well as the ‘Ten Most Influential Executives’ in the 3D printing market.

The momentum that 3D printing is enjoying is highlighted by the diversity of industries that earned spots in the report, which includes firms and executives from retail, traditional manufacturing, automotive, aviation, finance, construction, and electronics. Pure-play 3D startups like Formlabs, CreoPop, Shapeways, and Sculpteo remain an active part of the conversation as well.

Retail made a particularly strong showing, led by Amazon’s recent introduction of a 3D printed items marketplace, which propelled the retailer to the #2 spot among companies. Amazon’s Marketplace Sales Director Petra Schindler-Carter ranked as the #1 most influential executive. Staples SVP Damien Leigh ranked as the #2 executive for his role in brining ‘3D print on demand’ to their stores.

For current data on this marketplace, visit our Real-Time Influence Index page for 3D Printing.

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Influence Study - Released: September 2014

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Real-Time Influence Update

The chart below shows the most recent influence scores and opinion volume for this topic. For more current information, visit the 3D Printing Influence Index.

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