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The 50 Most Influential CMOs (2014)

In our 2014 CMO Influence Study, as presented with Forbes, we analyzed the top 500 companies from the Forbes Global 2000 Biggest Public Companies list to determine the most influential CMOs among those organizations. Appinions has performed a detailed analysis of each CMO, including insight into their most impactful thoughts and opinions.

Additionally, you’ll find insight into the impact of various industries, with tech being far and away the most influential. Technology CMOs accounted for 41% of the total influence, despite representing only 6 CMOs in total.

Read the full article in Forbes. | Read coverage in AdWeek

For the third year in a row, Phil Schiller of Apple led the list, followed by David Lauren of Ralph Lauren and Tim Mahoney of General Motors. Rounding out the Top 10:  Jim Farley of Ford, Kristin Lemkau of JPMorgan Chase, Trevor Edwards of Nike, Beth Comstock of General Electric, and Alain Visser of Volvo. Mr. Farley, Ms. Comstock, and Mr. Visser also made the list last year

Read or download the full study for additional details and insights, such as a breakdown of the top CMOs by categories including Big Data, Online Marketing and mobile marketing, as well full profiles of all 50 most influential CMOs.


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Influence Study - Released: November 2014

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