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Internet of Things Influence Study (July 2014)


It’s early days for the Internet of Things, but the largest technology players are moving quickly to stake out the territory. In just the past month, Apple announced a new ‘smart home’ platform, and Google made a similar announcement for Android and purchased Nest for $3.2 Billion – moves that pushed both companies quickly to the head of the ‘Top 10 Most Influential Companies in Internet of Things’ according to a new study released today by Appinions.

The study reveals an increase of almost 70% in the volume of influential conversations about iOT between late March and early July. Within this timeframe there was activity from Intel (which modified reporting structures to increase iOT focus), Cisco (who made 3 strategic investments), Zebra (who purchased Motorola’s enterprise business for nearly $3.5 billion), and many others. As the study documents, these moves get a lot of attention and reaction, with influence scores skyrocketing around each announcement.

On the ‘Top 10 Most Influential Executives in Internet of Things’ list, Philips Lighting CEO Eric Rondolat earned top spot for comments he made regarding Phillips plans to work with Apple’s HomeKit. Brad Smith of Microsoft and Mark Hurd from Oracle and executives from Apple, Blackberry, HP and other round out the list.

Looking at individual products, the Dropcam smart camera and Honeywell’s Lyric intelligent thermostat grabbed the top two spots for garnering the most influential reactions. The Logitech Harmony Remote, Philips Hue Bulb, and Kwikset Kevo E-Lock are among the other top Internet of things products covered.

For current data on this marketplace, visit our Real-Time Influence Index page for Autonomous Cars.

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  • “Internet of Things” and alternatives like IoT and “Internet of Everything”
  • Internet of Things related products and manufacturers

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These results are based on the following topic query:

(|internet of things| internetofthings |iot| zigbee zwave |z wave| “internet connected devices” “intelligent devices” “home automation” M2M “Intel Gateway Solutions” (“Intelligent Systems” AND Microsoft)) AND NOT (“Indiana Office of Technology” “India on Track”) “Cloud of Things” CloudofThings “Connected Home” connectedhome “Solution Accelerator” dropcam (Philips AND Hue) (Phillips AND Hue) WeMo (Belkin AND internet) Insteon VeraLite “Vera Control” “Project Ion” “Bosch Software Innovations” “internet of everything” internetofeverything


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Influence Study - Released: July 2014

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Real-Time Influence Update

The chart below shows the most recent influence scores and opinion volume for this topic. For more current information, visit the Internet of Things Influence Index.

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