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The 50 Most Influential CMO’s (October 2013)

CMO-Forbes2013_CoverIn our 2013 CMO Influence Study, as seen on, we analyzed the top 500 companies from the Forbes Global 2000 Biggest Public Companies list to determine the most influential CMOs among those companies. We’ve created a detailed analysis of each CMO, including their top topics of influence and their influence ranking amongst other company employees.

66 of the Forbes Top 500 companies had CMOs who were engaged in influential conversations. Phil Schiller of Apple, Younghee Lee of Samsung, and Andy Palmer of Nissan were the top 3 most influential CMOs of the group. A look at the top 10 reveals a list heavily dominated by CMOs coming from the tech and automotive industries, with 5 coming from tech and 4 from auto. Martine Reardon of Macy’s was the only CMO from neither technology or automotive to make the top 10 list.

Beyond our analysis of the CMOs, this study also provides insights into other thought leaders who are influential on key marketing themes including social media, mobile marketing and big data & analytics. In addition you’ll find an analysis of the top 50 most influential companies highlighting their leading CMOs, other influential marketers within each company, and more.

Topic Definition

The information on this page is produced by identifying relevant opinions from within over 200 million documents from news, blogs, forums, and social media over the past 90 days.

These results are based on a topic query that looks for opinions that include the following keywords:
  • CMO
  • Marketing + chief or alternatives like head or president

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These results are based on the following topic query:

(CMO OR ((Marketing) AND (chief OR head OR vp OR president OR executive)))


To suggest changes or updates to this topic query, send email to We cannot respond to all suggestions, but do regularly update the topic queries.

Influence Study - Released: October 2013

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